What's the point?

The Most Dangerous Writing App is designed to shut down your inner editor and get you into a state of flow. If you stop typing for more than five seconds, all progress will be lost. After typing without interruption for the length of your session, you'll be able to save your work.

Because 'tis better to have written and lost, than never to have written at all.

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Word on the street?

MDWA has been featured on Wired, Lifehacker, The Next Web, Huffington Post, PopSugar, and many, many other outlets. Here's what some people have to say:

Sadistic [and] brutal.


@maebert has created the writer's nightmare machine.


I am panicking just reading the description, which should count as a ringing endorsement.

Some Guy on Metafilter

Who made this?

MDWA was written by Manuel Ebert over two glasses of wine on a Sunday afternoon and is open source.

Can anybody read what I write?

No, all your writing is private and not submitted to or stored on any server.

Press Kit

If you would like to write about MDWA, please use the media in the press kit provided.

I'm happy to answer your questions over e-mail or twitter, too.